Brand : Alikasala

Portable Power Station 146Wh, Generator with Compass/LED Flashlight, Home Emergency Power Station for CPAP /Travel, Charged by Solar Panel/Wall Outlet, Outputs AC 110V/200W, 4 USB Ports ,2 DC-12V/10A

Note: for CPAP and Camping Charging, in order to last longer time, We suggest you use DC port output to charge your CPAP or Camping device

Designed and engineered by our own engineer,pure sine wave output, It’s a stylish and compact power bank with AC/DC/USB outlets, you can charge or power both small home appliance devices and personal electronics

Charging ways

1: Charged by AC outlet at home with 6-7h

2:Charged by solar panel in up to 8 hours depending on solar conditions and the size of the solar panel.(the solar panel is not included)

Product Details:

Outputs AC port + 4 USB Ports + 2 DC Port

Built-in High Quality Lithium ion Batteries


Battery Indicator:4-LED indicator (25% to 100%)

USB1+USB2 5V-3.1A MAX , USB3+USB4 5V-3.1A MAX

DC Power: DC 9-12.6V/10A MAX

AC Power: 110V 60Hz

AC Continuous Power Output 200W

Working Temperature:-20~60℃

Circle Life:>1000 times

Size:8.38*3.34*6.77Inch , Weight:3.3lb

Package Contents:

1x Generator

1x Home Charger

1x User Manual

How many hours can it last to charge your device?

e.g.:your device is 30W, the works time is 150Wh/30W=5hrs.

If you plug in AC outlet,It last 5-6h. So we highly recommend you use DC-DC converter when camping or connect CPAP.,It will last longer


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