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Power from the Wind: A Practical Guide to Small-Scale Energy Production

The completely revised and updated comprehensive guide to small wind energy systems

Skyrocketing energy costs and constant reminders of the impacts of conventional energy sources are making homeowners and businesses look at different ways to use energy more efficiently and to generate their own electricity to reduce fuel bills and their carbon footprint.

Power From the Wind is the completely revised and updated edition of the go-to guide for individuals and businesses interested in installing small wind energy systems. Written for the layperson, this practical guide provides an accurate and unbiased view of all aspects of small wind energy systems, including:

    • Wind and wind energy system options
    • Ways to assess wind resources at your site
    • Wind turbines and towers
    • Inverters and batteries
    • Installation and maintenance of systems
    • Costs and benefits of installing a wind system

Readers will gain the knowledge they need to make wise decisions during the design, purchase, and installation of small wind energy systems and to communicate effectively with wind system installers, and will be empowered to help make the smartest, most economical choices.

Dan Chiras is an internationally acclaimed author who has published over 30 books, including The Homeowner’s Guide to Renewable Energy and Power from the Sun. He is a certified wind site assessor and has installed several residential wind systems. He is Founder and Director of The Evergreen Institute, which offers workshops on residential renewable energy and green building.


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