Brand : Powerhouse

Powerhouse 60370 500Wi Inverter Generator (CARB Compliant)

Great Features – Outstanding Quality – Unbeatable Value. The new POWERHOUSE 500Wi inverter generator combines quality, performance, and great features for an unbeatable value. With a maximum power of 500 Watts and a continuous power of 450 watts, this unit is EPA, CSA, California CARB approved & ISO 9001. It’s Quiet; Special sound reduction materials so they run super quiet, much quieter than conventional generators. This means that you can use the 500Wi for any of your outdoor activities without the worry of annoying your neighbors. It Produces Clean Power; The 500Wi Inverter generator produces a clean sine wave just like the power you get from your home outlets. This clean sine wave power allows our generator to be used to the most sensitive electronic devices including computers and all electronic based appliances. It’s Fuel Efficient; Built to run efficiently. It produces the amount of power needed at any given time to power what is connected to them. This saves fuel when running at slower, low load conditions, while full speed and output is available when it’s needed. It’s compact and portable; Inverter technology makes it possible to reduce the size and weight of the 500Wi. It is compact, lightweight, and designed for portability. The convenient carry handle make it easy to take along to all of your outdoor events—where ever you need portable power. A high-efficiency combustion system produces exceptionally low emissions. Clean, quiet, economical power…when you need it. Accessories included; Oil Jug, 12 V Charge Cable, Spare Spark Plug, Spark Plug Wrench & Handle, Manual, Oil Drain Extension, owner’s manual and a Quick Start


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