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PowerPro 56405 4050-Watt 212cc 7-HP Gas-Powered Portable Generator with Wheel Kit

Power Pro Technology 56405 4050-Watt Portable Gas Generator

All-purpose 4050-watt electric generator with mobility kit for smooth portability. view larger

Power Pro Technology 56405 4050-Watt Portable Gas Generator

Control panel with 4 120-volt 3-prong receptacles, a 120-volt twist-lock receptacle, and more. view larger

Power Pro Technology 4050-Watt Portable Gas Generator

Keep the family safe during power outages with an all-purpose portable electric generator from Power Pro Technologies, the 4050-watt unit. This compact gas-powered generator features a rugged 212cc, 7HP air cooled OHV engine that supplies the necessary muscle to turn the alternator at 3600RPM for 3250 rated watts of power. When you need extra power to start an appliance, the generator delivers 4050 watts of surge power. Look at the chart below for information on starting and running watts for the most common household and job-site equipment.

The job site requires a generator that will power the equipment necessary to make building easier and stronger. This generator will power the saws, drills and other equipment a worker needs. If an emergency arises and power is needed in and around the house, the Power Pro 4050-watt generator is there to supply electricity to the critical appliances. The generators can also be used at sporting and social events as well as outdoor recreation activities. The generator is EPA approved and with its quiet muffler and spark arrestor, it is perfect for use in U.S. National Parks.

Power Outlets and Features

The Power Pro 4050-watt generator has a number of power receptacles. There are four 120-volt, 20 amp three-prong receptacles and a twist-lock, 120-volt, 30 amp receptacle for use with equipment that has a higher power draw. A digital hour counter, which accumulates the run time hours, helps in deciding on required maintenance.

Starting the Power Pro 4050-watt generator is as easy as pulling a couple of times on the manual starter. In most cases one pull is all that is necessary. Once running, the generator stays stable on the ground thanks to the two rubber motor mounts, two wheels, and the solid 1-inch tubular frame. The 3.1-gallon fuel tank holds enough gas for 10 hours of run time at half load. The included mobility kit makes moving the generator a breeze. Should routine check of the lubricating oil level be missed, the low oil automatic shutdown feature prevents damage to the engine.

In addition to the wheel kit, accessories include a NEMA L14-30 plug, spark plug wrench, and instruction manual.

Note for California residents: The Power Pro 4050-watt generator does not meet CARB requirements. Units sold in California must be CARB compliant.

Power Pro Technology 56405 4050-Watt Portable Gas Generator

Gas-powered generator with 3.1-gallon fuel tank (top view). view larger

Power Pro Technology 56405 4050-Watt Portable Gas Generator

Powerful 212cc, 7HP air-cooled OHV engine (back view). view larger

Power Pro Technology 56405 4050-Watt Portable Gas Generator

Muffler with spark arrester reduces engine noise (right side). view larger

Power Pro Technology 56405 4050-Watt Portable Gas Generator

Smooth-rolling wheel kit with space-saving fold-down handles (left side). view larger

Generator Specifications

Model # 56405
Displacement 212cc
Horse Power 7
Engine Type OHV
Fuel Type Gasoline
Starting Method Manual
Hour Counter Yes
Low Oil Auto Shutdown Yes
Fuel Tank Capacity 3.1 gallon
Run Time 1/2 Load 10 Hours
Noise Rating @ 23 ft 67 dB
Spark Arrestor Yes
Voltage 120V
Starting Watts 4050
Running Watts 3250
Outlets (4) 120V, 20A, 3-prong
(1) 120v, 30A Twist Lock
Volt Meter No
Circuit Resets Yes
Mobility Kit Yes
Warranty 2 Years Limited Warranty
Tool and Appliance Wattage Guide

When choosing a Generator, figure the total wattage of the tools and appliances you will need using this chart.

The Running (Rated) Wattage corresponds to the maximum wattage the generator can output on a continuous basis.

The Starting (Surge) wattage corresponds to the maximum amount of power the generator can output for a short period of time. Many electrical devices such as refrigerators require short bursts of extra power, in addition to the rated wattage listed by the device, to stop and start their motors. The surge wattage ability of the generator covers this extra power requirement.

Critical Home Devices

Device Running (Rated) Wattage + Starting (Surge) Wattage
Electrical Water Heater (40 gal.) 4000 + 0
Hot Plate 2500 + 0
Electric Stove 1500 + 0
Window Air Conditioner 1200 + 1800
Microwave 1000 + 0
Well Water Pump 1000 + 1000
Sump Pump 800 + 1200
Refrigerator Freezer 800 + 1200
Furnace Blower 800 + 1300
Television 500 + 0
Deep Freezer 500 + 500
Box Fan 300 + 600
Clock Radio 300 + 0
Light Bulb 75 + 0

Critical Construction Devices

Device Running (Rated) Wattage + Starting (Surge) Wattage
Radial Arm Saw 2000 + 2000
Circular Saw 1500 + 1500
Air Compressor (1 HP) 1500 + 3000
Miter Saw 1200 + 1200
Reciprocating Saw 960 + 1040
Electric Drill 600 + 900

Note: The above chart is an estimation of common wattage by devices. Your device may have a different wattage requirement than listed on this chart. When allowing for Starting wattage, remember that not all devices will start at the same time.


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