Price : $69.99
Brand : PowMr

PowMr 20A MPPT Charge Controller 12V/24V Auto – Negative Ground,Built-in Bluetooth and Weatherproof, Solar Charge for Lithium Sealed Gel Flooded Battery,LCD Display Energy-Recording

Warranty:You will get 24-month honor product guarantee from PowMr,Your Satisfaction is our Highest Priority
Warm tips:We strongly recommend connecting a fuse directly to the battery to any short circuit at the battery wiring.,se only insulated tools.


★Perfect EMC: will not produce electromagnetic interference to other electrical appliances.
★【Load mode and Battery type】AGM,Flooded,Gel. Load mode:24H standard, dusk to dawn,light and timer control,USER
★If the temperature sensor is short-circuited or damaged,the controller will be charging or discharging at the default temperature 25℃ to prevent the battery damaged from overcharging or over discharged.

How to recognize negative ground?

Public end: there will be a line in the electronic circuit that connects each part of the circuit. This line is a common line. All negative pole of part connected to is the common pole.

Full automatic electronic protect function

PV reverse polarity /PV short circuit /PV over current alarm protection
Battery overcharge /Battery over discharge/Battery reverse polarity protection
Load short circuit/Load overload protection
Overheating protection


System voltage:12V/24V auto
Max charging current:20A
Output current:20A
Dual USB:5V 2A
Max tracking efficiency:>99.9%
Max charge conversion:97.0%
Max PV terminal:55V
Max bat.terminal:35V
Working mode:standard,Dusk to Dawn,Street lamp,User
Battery type:Sealed,Gel,Foolded
MPPT Charging Voltage: <14.5V
Boost voltage:14.5V
Equalization voltage:14.8V(Liquid)
Float voltage:13.7V
Temp.Compensation: -4.17mV/K per cell(boost and equalization) and -3.33mV/K per cell(floating)
Dimensions:7.44 x 7.16 x 2.28in
Protection degree:IP32
Package including:

1X20A mppt controller
1XEnglish manual


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