Price : $43.99
Brand : POWOXI

POWOXI Solar Battery Charger Car, 7.5W 12V Solar Trickle Charger for Car Battery, Portable and Waterproof Solar Battery Maintainer, High Conversion Polysilicon Solar Panel car Battery Charger for

The solartrickle charger for car battery is adopted withthe highest conversion rate,
mono-crystalline silicon to improve the chargingefficiency, realize the stability and
reliability of the long time output. Itis portable and convenient for charging the 12V rechargeable batteries in caseof emergency.
(It’s applied to the charging of the cars,trucks, jet skis, motorbikes, tractors,
all terrain vehicles, snowmobiles,boats and personal water sports equipment or
RV12v batteries so as to maintainthe battery efficiency and prolong its service life.)

The solarcharger for car battery can convertthe luminous energy into the 12V direct current,
delivering it into the rechargeablebatteries through the wires and connectors so as
to realize the conversion ofthe light and the electricity for the energy conservation and environmentalprotection.

If you’re on the go,you don’t have to worry about losing battery power at home or in the car.
Easily solve these problems with this solar battery charger car.

The solar trickle charger can change people’s way of life — the energy isECO, safer, more and convenient, to improve quality of life

Eco-Friendly &Pollution Free
Doyour part and help the planet with this environmentally friendly, safer,
and more convenient method tocharge your battery. solar battery tender

Type: single crystal silicon
Wattage: 7.5W
Amperage: 420mA
Volt: 12V
Dimensions: 14.5X9X1.7 IN
Weight:2.2 lbs

Package Contents:
1 *solar panel
1* 12V DC plug
1 * alligator battery clip module
1* user manual
4 *suction cups

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