Brand : Qianqsun

Qianqsun® 60A Solar Regulator Charge Controller 12V 24V auto 1440W Solar Panel CM6024Z 60A

60A Solar Panel Charge Controller Regulator 12V/24V
Compatible with 1440W(24v) solar panel with dark activated function, Max current is 60A
12V Battery supports max 720W solar panel.
24V Battery supports max 1440W solar panel.
Cannot use 24V solar panel charge 12v battery, vice versa
60A Solar Panel Charge Controller 12V/24V + LCD display CM50
Compatible with MAX 1440W Solar Panel 12V/24V Auto Switch; Timer Intigrated (Lighting function)
CM60 Series controller has the following features:
1. Visual LCD graphic symbol.
2. Brief key operation.
3. Grade auto switch of system voltage.
4. Intelligent PWM Charging Mode.
5. Auto temperature compensation.
6. Adjustable charging & discharging parameter.
7. Settable working modes of loads.
8. Accumulative function of charging & discharging AH.
9. Remote Monitoring Function.
10. Protection for battery back discharging.
11. Protection for battery low voltage.
12. Overloading & short-circuit protection.
13. Battery reversed protection.
14. Delayed auto restart after overloading protection.
CM60 Datasheet
Output Voltage: 12V/24V Automatically distinguish voltage
Max load Current:¡Ü12A
Full Charge Cut:13.7V/27.4V
Low Voltage Cut:10.5V/21V
Temp ompensation:-4mv/¡æ/cell
Zero Load Loses:¡Ü30mA
Voltage Drop:<170mv
Installable maximum cable: 7# AWG (16mm2)
Working temperature: -10¡æ~60¡æ
Storage temperature: -30¡æ~70¡æ
Temperature requirement: ¡Ü90£¥,no condensation
Dimension: 130 mm¡Á188 mm¡Á62 mm
Distance of installation holes: 90 mm¡Á178 mm –¦Õ5
Weight: 780g
Package Included:
1. 1X 60A PWM solar charge controller
2. 1X User’s Manual
3. 1X Temp. Sensor


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