Price : $89.85
Brand : RapidSolar Charge Controller

Rapid Solar Charge Controller – Super Solar Charge Controller Charges a 12v Battery 3X-4X Faster Than Any Other Controller Including PWM and MPPT Controllers – Fully Automated Operation – Made in USA

RapidSolar Charge Controller Model P100-B12-1 is a super charge controller, which can charge a 12 volt battery 3X faster from a 80- 100 watts solar panel than any other type of solar charge controllers that are currently available. These other types of controllers include MPPT and PWM based charge controllers. The primary reason for this high performance of RapidSolar Charge Controller is the use of a revolutionary, patented power extraction technology. This power extraction technology can deliver many times more power to a battery than is otherwise possible. In addition, RapidSolar Charge Controller employs a new, more efficient constant power charging algorithm, which automatically adjust current and voltage to deliver a constant power to the battery. This use of this new algorithm can prolong the life of a battery. This particular model is designed to work with a 100 watt panel. RapidSolar Charge Controller has many controls built-in, which makes it very easy to operate. These controls include automatic turn-off at full charge (~13 volts) and restart at reaching a low voltage (~12 volts). The RapidSolar charge Controller is ideal for use in any solar system that employs batteries for storing energy, including, RVs, Boats, Cabins, car ports, and back-up power system for cell phone towers


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