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Renewable Energy Made Simple: Your Quick-start Guide to Wind, Solar, and Geothermal Energy Sources

If you are like millions of other Americans, you want to make renewable energy a major part of your lifestyle. The most meaningful and satisfying way to do that is to bring renewable energy sources into your home.
Which systems are most important? What are the major factors to help you decide which renewable energy systems can work for you?
By reading this book you will learn essential answers to those questions. You will also learn:
How do these systems work?
* What are their major benefits and features?
* What are their biggest drawbacks and constraints?
* What are the biggest risks and challenges you need to consider?
You will get answers to all of those questions from a certified professional in the renewable energy industry with over 15 years of experience. Read this book to learn essential information about:
* Solar energy and solar heating
* Wind energy
* Geothermal energy systems (heat pumps)
* Home battery systems
After a quick overview of these systems, you will also learn:
* How to assess your property for each system
* Costs of systems – both installation and ongoing maintenance
* How to find qualified contractors and installers
* Macro-economic factors that you need to consider

“I wish I had this information before I worked through the process to decide to install solar panels on my home. Excellent information that is easy to understand and tells you what questions to ask.”
— Michael Johnson, retired aerospace engineer, San Antonio, TX

Educating yourself on renewable energy is essential so you can be a responsible and informed citizen. If you want renewable energy in your life, read this book first!


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