Price : $42.12
Brand : Renogy

Renogy 30 Amp PWM Charge Controller Regulator Off Grid for Battery Charging


The main advantage of Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) is that power loss in the switching devices is very low. When a switch is off, there is practically no current. When the device is on, there is almost no voltage drop across the switch. Power loss, being the product of voltage and current, is thus in both cases close to zero.

PWM also works well with digital controls, which, because of their on/off nature, can easily set to the needed duty cycle.

This solar system controller adopts the most advance digital techniques and operates fully automatically.

The PWM battery charging can greatly increase the lifetime of your battery and has various unique functions and quite easy to use features.


Positive Grounded

Nominal System Voltage: 12V/24V Auto recognition

Max. PV Input Power: 360W (12V), 720W (24V)

Rated Charge Current: 30A

Max. Solar Input Voltage: 42V

Rated Load Current: 30A

Self-consumption: < 6mA

Operating Temperature: -35°C to + 55°C

Temp. Compensation: -30mV/°C (12V), -60mV/°C (24V)

Terminals: 10AWG

25% Current Overload: 1 Minute

For safety, do not exceed 80% of charge controller current rating. This rating should be based on total short-circuit current of the solar panels.

Warranty Information

1-year material warranty


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