Price : $823.99
Brand : Renogy

RENOGY® Premium Solar Panel Kit 400W Poly: 4 100watts poly solar panel+ 40A mppt charge controller+4 Mounting Z Bracket+ 20 ft adapter kit


Corrosion- resistant aluminum frame: Our frames are constructed out of aircraft grade quality aluminum. Our Corrosion-resistant coatings help to protect against degradation which will allow you to keep your panels for decades.

Backsheets: coated with fluoro resin to protect from aging.

3.22mm tempered glass solar panels: Tempered glass is five times stronger than standard glass and will not shatter when it fails. Tempered glass is the superior choice for solar panels.

EVA film: EVA material is optically clear and impervious to water. copolymer film is an essential sealant of photovoltaic solar modules that ensure reliability, performance, and longevity.


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