Price : $25.99

RGBZONE 200 Amps High Precision Watt Meter and Power Analyzer with Digital LCD Screen for RC, Battery, Solar, Wind Power

Working voltage: 0 to 60 Volts.
Easy To Use: Requires no configuration or programming.
Digital LCD screen: Easy to read LCD screen provides clear number readings.
Real Time Reading: The Watt Meter will continuously provide real time readings of the amps, volts, and watts after connection. (All Measurement screen value are updated every 0.4 second)

Test Range and Display format:
Operates from 4.8-60V (0V with optional auxiliary battery)
Measures 0-60V, 0-200A, 0-6554W, 0-6554Wh, 0-65Ah
Voltage test range: 0~60V, resolution 0.01V.
Current test range: 0~ 200A, resolution 0.01A.
Active Power test range: 0~6554W, resolution 0.1W.
Energy test range: 0~6554Wh, resolution 0.1Wh.
Charge test range: 0-65Ah, resolution 0.001Ah.
Measurement Update period: 400mS.
Signal Sampling Rate: sample/s.
Data Queue Sequence time: 2 seconds.
In Circuit Resistance: 0.001 Ohms.
Operation Current: 7 mA.
Auxiliary Power Voltage: 4.0V ~ 60V
Size: 8.3cm x 4.7cm x 2cm – 3.27inch x 1.85inch x 0.79inch
Display Screen: 1602 STN LCD

Packing included:
1 x 0-60V 200A Watt Meter Power Analyzer.


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