Price : $29.99
Brand : Skylety

Skylety Solar Panel for Ring Spotlight Cam with Security Wall Mount, 3.6 m/ 11.8 ft Cable with Barrel Connector, 5 V/ 3.5 W (Max) Output (Not for Stick Up Cam/Arlo Cam Series) Without CAM (Black)

Package includes:
1 x Solar panel for SPOTLIGHT CAM (Only)
1 x Cable with barrel connector (3.6 m/ 11.8 ft)
1 x Adjustable security mount bracket (360 Degree)

This solar panel cable connector is barrel connector, only suitable for Ring SPOTLIGHT CAM; If your camera is Ring stick up cam or Arlo camera, please choose other solar panel; The Ring spotlight cam is not included.

Set the angle as you want:
The solar panel can be set into multiple oblique angles which can decrease the dust and waterdrop to some extent, maximum to turn the sunlight power into solar power, provide energy for the cam.

The installation way of the security mount:
The 360 security wall mount should attach to the solar panel by rotating the screw tip into the hole on the back of the solar panel.
Confirm the place to install the solar panel, tighten up 3 screws.

How to adjust the swivel:
Rotate the protrusion (on the wall mount) anticlockwise to loose, after adjustation, rotate clockwise to tighten the swivel.

Enjoy a better life:
No more climbing up/ down on ladder to take down the spotlight cam when power off; It can keep camera charging continuously. Camera will not power off easily. Can watch the live video of the home, provide a layer of home security, enjoy a better life.

1. This solar panel is only suitable for Ring spotlight cam, don’t apply to stick up cam or Arlo system cam which has a different connector.
2. If the surface is fulled of debris, it may affect the energy production. Make sure the surface is clean before use.
3. There are different intensities of sunrays in different weathers, which will affect the energy production. Please adjust the orientation of the solar panel time to time to get the maximum sun exposion.
4. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


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