Price : $32.98
Brand : SolaMr

SolaMr MPPT Solar Charge Controller 100AMP Solar Panel Battery Regulator 12V/24V Auto with LCD Display Dual 5V USB Adjustable Parameter Fits for Open,AGM,Gel Lead Acid Batteries


▶Adopt industrial grade master chip.

▶Large-screen LCD display: charging and discharging current display; cumulative power generation and discharge power query; temperature display; light control + delay control; charge and discharge parameters adjustable; with power-off memory.

▶Dual USB output, maximum current up to 2.5A, support for Apple phone charging.

▶Complete three-stage charge management.

▶Build-in overcurrent, open-circuit protection, reverse protection, over-load protection, Self-recovery type, no damage to the controller, suitable for home, industrial, commercial etc.

▶Anti-backflow circuit, ultra low heat.

Package List:

1 x Solar Panels Battery Charge Controller

1 x User Manual


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