Price : $45.00
Brand : Greenlight Planet

Sun King PRO 2 LED Solar Light and Dual USB Phone / Mobile Device Charger

Award winning solar light and phone charger. Featured in CNN, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist and Discover Magazine. Everyone is praising the Sun King PRO 2’s battery life and many uses. Use it for camping, hiking, boating, biking, on a plane, in the car, the garage, the house, the garden and anywhere you need a power source or light. Hand carry the light outdoors, use on it’s desk stand for reading, or hang it to light up the entire room. Invaluable in emergencies and power outages. With it’s 16 foot cord, the solar panel can remain outside and the lamp inside, at all times. No need to continuously move the lamp into the sun to recharge, like all the other lamps on the market. It’s easy to set up and easy to use. Everyone in the family should have one.


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