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Sun Solar Tracker Controller for Solar Panel System with LED Sensor ONE Battery Changable Wire Version

Only 1 battery needed~ and you can connect with own high quality wire

This is a product we promise 100% test and 100% work .

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We developed this product for more people can take full advantage of green energy.

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We are willing 100% money back for unsatisfaction, but not just rate us negative. This did not help to solve and improve If the above conition does not accept, please do not buy this product, thank you.


This solar tracker will drive motor to position you want to track the sun. It can help to get up to 65% more power in your solar system.

It can be used on solar cells, a reflector to heat water, etc.

The controller is mounted on the object to be steered with the sensors positioned along the rotational axis.

Using most any D.C. motor up to a maximum of 12VDC,4 amps, it can easily cause a solar collector, reflector or array to follow the sun through a single axis.

Motors suitable for this system can move quite large loads as long as proper gearing or lead screws are used.

The controller uses a differential sensing approach and can drive the motor in either direction.

There is no “reposition for the morning” electronics, but I intentionally used sensors with a wide field of view.

In the morning the “east” sensor will trip and the controller will position to point at the morning sun.

The solar tracker is operated with 1x12V battery (exclude in this item), details can be check from the attached instruction in package.

Input power : DC 12V ( One 12V battery need )

output power : 12V @ 4 amps

Sensor : LED sensor

Direction: 2 ways, left to right

Dome case included


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