Price : $37.00
Brand : Sun YOBA

Sun YOBA Intelligent 20A PWM Solar Panel Charge Controller 12V 24V Off Grid for Battery Charging

Intelligent control is realized by using microprocessor and dedicated control calculation. Parameter is set to power-down save function, the system model and control parameters, and other important data are stored inside the chip, after power is not lost, to make the adjustment more convenient, more reliable system. Using 2 digital LEDs display and settings, one-button operation to complete all of the settings, intuitive and easy to use.

Note: You had better connect to the battery first when you operate the system.
Keep the children away from the solar system.
Only For off-Grid PV Solar System.
For 20A 12V Pv System: 240W Solar Panel,12V Lead-acid Battery,22V for Max input Voltage
For 20A 24V Pv System: 480W Solar Panel,24V Lead-acid Battery,44V for Max input Voltage

10I: 12 Volt or 12/24 Volt auto work, 10 Amps (for PV and load)
Equalisation voltage: 14.8Volt
High voltage disconnect(HVD): 14.4Volt
Float voltage: 13.6Volt
Low voltage disconnect(LVD) 11.1Volt
Low voltage reconnect(LVR): 12.6Volt
Self-consumption: 6mA maximum
Temperature compensation: -30mV/ centigrade /12V
Terminals: for wire sizes to 6mm2
Temperature: -35 centigrade to +55 centigrade

Package including:
1.1PCS 20A Solar Contorller
2.1PCS User Manual


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