Price : $139.95
Brand : Suntactics

Suntactics sCharger-5 Portable Solar Charger, Light Weight, Water Resistant, Durable, Auto-Retry, 1 Amp for iPhone, iPad, Samsung and other Devices

The sCharger-5 out performs all others, period! Solar charge iPhone, iPod, Galaxy, USB cameras, GPS, eReaders, Bluetooth, USB batteries and many other USB devices. It even charges the iPad in good sunny weather. Use it on the trail, camping, outdoor events, biking, kayaking, power outages, the list goes on.

-What makes the difference
The sCharger-5 can charge your device directly from the sun alone. It does not need a battery. Solar chargers with internal batteries are limited and will inevitably fail from the battery being baked in the sun. If you need a USB storage battery, there are many available on the market that will solar charge from the sCharger-5.

The sCharger-5 is compact, and has the highest power to weight ratio. Suntactics sChargers are designed and manufactured in San Jose California. Suntactics takes very high measures on quality with superior American workmanship. We use the highest efficiency, grade A, solar cells closing in on 19%. They are also configured correctly for optimum charging performance for your device.

Buy American. Overseas solar chargers over claim output power. Suntactics does not. What is stated is what you get.

-A Must Have.
A life saver for power outages. Keep it in a bug out bag or in your emergency kit for bad weather conditions. If you are a hiker or backpacker, then the sCharger-5 is the correct choice. No other solar charger can keep up.

Never worry about your device going dead. Be assured that you can always call for help. sChargers are very reliable, durable and hassle free. What the sCharger-5 can do is priceless.

Suntactics chargers work and work well. You’ve made the original investment, do yourself a favor and invest in Suntactics.

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