Price : $258.00
Brand : Temank

Temank 100A MPPT Solar Charge Controller 12V/24V DC Auto, Max 96V, 1300W/2600W Input 60 amp Solar Panel Regulator fit for Gel Sealed Flooded Battery and Load Timer Setting

All the Various Real-time data show on one display, convenient user to check.
Suitable for various specifications of solar panel
Advanced MPPT technology, high tracking efficiency no less than 99.5%
Multi-function LCD displays system information intuitively ( Volt, Amaps, %, ℃)
Parameter user can reset
A key to open and close the load
A key to restore the factory settings

Technical datas :
Automatically identifying 12V / 24V DC system voltage
Rated charge current: 100A
12V battery system: Max open circuit voltage ≤48V(Voc), Max. PV input power :1300W
24V battery system: Max Open circuit voltage ≤96V(Voc), Max. PV input power: 2600W
Support battery options:AGM, Sealed, Gel, Flooded.
Installation Line(AWG): 4 AWG
Battery capacity configuration: ≥800AH
Dual USB 5V/2A Output for phone charging

Network Line Interface (RS485) Indicator:
Green light represents the battery, green light flashes, indicating that the load is working properly;
Yellow light indicates solar energy; yellow light flashes, indicating solar energy charging;
The network interface is reserved for the interface and can be connected to a dedicated display (additional purchase).

Warm Tips:
1. Always connect the battery before connect the solar panel, disconnect in reverse order.
2. Power connections must remain tight to avoid excessive heating from a loose connection.
3. It is suggested to install appropriate external fuses/breakers.
4. If the system needs to connect the inverter, please connect the inverter directly to the battery, and do not connect with the controller.
5. If the display is not displayed for the first time, please cut off the fuse or circuit breaker immediately and check whether the line is connected correctly.

Package including:
1 x 100A MPPT Solar Charge Controller


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