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The Solar Phoenix

The Solar Phoenix: How America Can Rise from the Ashes of Solyndra to World Leadership in Solar 2.0 explains why solar is fundamental to the world’s energy future, and how the industry has passed a cost tipping point. It provides a set of detailed roadmaps of how, when and where the solar energy revolution will take place. And it challenges the United States to take its rightful place as the world’s solar superpower. America was the pioneer of Solar 1.0. Now it must lead in the Solar 2.0 era.

I love this book. Everyone should understand the need for distributed generation and that solar is the key to its happening. For energy security and energy independence, we really have no choice. It is only a matter of time before everyone gets it. Brad gets it.
—R. James Woolsey, former Director C.I.A.

Solar Phoenix not only makes the case for solar, but outlines a path to deployment at scale. This is not just a “blue sky, tree-hugging” story, but a detailed roadmap for success, connecting the dots on how America, or any country, can create climate wealth.
—Jigar Shah, author, solar and climate expert

Brad’s chapter “Investment Roadmap” provides a thoughtful and compelling argument about how, when and where to invest in solar. Solyndra made headlines when it failed, but the headline for solar when all is said and done will be a story of investors doing very well by doing good. As the book clearly explains, the Solar Phoenix is set to rise.
—Nancy Pfund, DBL Investors, Investors in Tesla and SolarCity

About the author:

Brad Mattson is a pioneer. After taking both Novellus and Mattson Technology from his garage to NASDAQ, Brad retired from the semiconductor industry and became involved with social entrepreneurship, pursuing the goal of “technology benefitting humanity.” During that pursuit, he fell in love with solar.

Mentoring entrepreneurs in Africa, India and Central America, he saw firsthand how energy could positively change lives, and how the lack of energy access was at the core of persistent poverty. And he wanted to do something about it. Brad became the solar partner at a prestigious venture capital firm, VantagePoint Capital Partners, working to bring solar to the cost point that would unlock the market. Eventually he returned to the CEO chair, leading the Siva Power team as they take solar to the next level and make clean, affordable energy available to everyone, everywhere.

Brad lives with his wife Vicky in Silicon Valley, California.


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