Towall Useful Rectangle 12V-24V LED Digital Battery State Charge Indicator Meter Gauge


Only when the battery is properly charged then the 10th LED (far right) will be lighted

As battery’s state of charge decreases, successive LED lights up, only one at a time

When 2nd (from left) LED flashes, indicating “energy reserve”. When both 1st and 2nd LED flash, indicating “empty”, new battery is needed to replace old one

Battery indicator memorized the battery state is full when leaving factory. When use with a new battery, it should be powered on for at least 2 minutes to indicate the real battery state

Range indication: Green: 41~100%, Yellow: 21~40%, Red: 20% less

For Forklift trucks, Golf Carts, RV’s, Boats, Scooters and electric vehicle. etc

Package Content:

1X Battery Gauge

Free Set Screws


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