Price : $49.99
Brand : TP-solar

TP-solar Foldable Solar Charger 28W 5V 2A Portable Solar Panel Battery Charger with Dual USB Ports for Cell Phone Power Bank Electronic Devices Quick Charge QC 3.0 Charging

28W Solar Charger Keeps All Your Electronic Devices Fully Charged while Camping, Hiking, Boating, and even during Power Outages!

How to use:
1. Unfold the solar panels and place them in an area exposed to direct and strong sunlight.

2. Connect your device with either the included cable or with the original or certified cables.

3. Angle the panels toward sunlight vertically to get the maximum solar energy. You can hook them up to your backpack or tent using the included carabiners.

Specification: (28W)
Solar panel type: Flexible monocrystalline silicon solar panel
Power of solar panel: 28W
USB type-A: 2pcs
USB output: 5V
Max current: 2.0A
Wight: 540g (1.2LB)
Folded size: 155*280*17 mm (6.1*11*0.6 inch)
Expanding size: 685*280*3 mm (27*11*0.1 inch)
Backing materials: Oxford Fabric

This solar charger only charges your device when exposed to sunlight, it has no internal battery. It only takes pure solar energy and converts it to a current so you can charge your phone without a power source.

Please DO NOT lay the solar panel directly on CONCRETE, SAND, ROCK or other high heat conduction surfaces in direct sunlight – this will cause the solar panel to overheat and significantly reduce the conversion rate and output wattage


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