Price : $25.99
Brand : UEIUA

UEIUA Solar Charge Controller, 12V/24V Auto 20A MPTT Solar Panel Battery Regulator with USB

About UEIUA Brand
UEIUA is dedicated on producing Solar Charge Controller for decades years, we have our own factory, so we could provide the item for you with the lowest price but good quality.
Every one of our item will do full inspection before we sell it, so our quality can be assured. You could see from the Amazon, a lot of the seller is selling our items too, but our price is much more competitive. UEIUA Brand, your first choice.

✳Batt voltage: DC 12V/24V Auto
✳Charge /Discharge current: 20A
✳Short Circuit Protection: ≥1.5 times rated current
✳Overpressure Protection: 16V;X2/24V
✳Charge Cutoff Voltage: 14.7V;X2/24V
✳Discharge Recovery Voltage: 12V;X2/24V
✳Discharge Cutoff Voltage: 10.8V;X2/24V

How to install
When wiring, you should connect the positive and negative poles of the battery at first. Secondly, you could connect the positive and negative poles of the solar panel, and finally connect the positive and negative poles of the load.

✳Automatically manage solar panels and batteries in solar systems to make them work safely and efficiently.
✳Omnidirectional protection function to extend service life.
✳User-friendly design, easy to install and operate.
✳Your satisfaction is our top priority. If you have any questions, please contact us by email and we are happy to solve any problems for you.


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