Price : $39.95
Brand : 1 Universal Relay Voltage Triggered Load Controller “with Out/NO Delays, Circuit Board Only!” LVD HVD 1URVTLC-1224-BSD (Green LCD)

1 UNIVERSAL RELAY VOLTAGE TRIGGERED LOAD CONTROLLER “BSD Model” MODEL 1URVTLC-1224-BSD 12V/24V (Board Version 1.0.XX) “With Out Delays” or “No Delays” (If you need delays see the 1URVTLC-1224-B) For both EMR’s (ElectroMechanical Relays) and SSR’s (Solid State Relays) The “Universal Relay” Voltage Triggered Load Controllers are low cost, Microprocessor controlled Diversion Load Switching type controllers designed for the System Designer or DIY (Do It Yourselfer). It is designed to switch up to 8 conventional automotive style electromechanical relays (EMR) directly with up to 1.25A @ 40C total coil current draw with up to 320A power handling capability. It is theoretically able to directly switch up to 50 SSR’s at 25ma each (untested). If using just 40 amp SSR’s that adds up to a potential 2000A (4000A using 80 amp SSR’s) power handling capability. To keep cost down, this controller was designed for the System Designer or DIY (Do It Yourselfer) and is the BOARD ONLY and does not include an enclosure. It can be mounted directly on a wall in an area protected from the environment or in an Optional or user supplied enclosure. Please Download and read the Manual Thoroughly before purchasing windandsunpowercom/Download/1URVTLC-1224-BSD Manual V1.0.xx.pdf POSSIBLE USES Automate Devices to Turn On and Off at Specific Voltages LVD – Low Voltage Disconnect / HVC – High Voltage Connect HVD – High Voltage Disconnect / LVC – Low Voltage Connect Diversion/Dump Controller Automate Ventilation Fans Automate Battery Chargers Automate “Some Types” of Generators with Remote Start Functions Alarms Etc, etc FEATURES The ability to Directly Switch up to 8 Electromechanical or 50+ DC-DC Solid State Relays 12V Mode Individual Adjustable On-Off Set-points (10.5 to 15.5 Volts in 0.1V increments) 24V Mode Individual Adjustable On-Off Set-points (21 to 31Volts in 0.1V increments) Extremely Low Power Consumption (≤ 30ma max)


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