Price : $55.99
Brand : WindyNation

WindyNation 30 Watt 30W Polycrystalline 12V 12 Volt Solar Panel Battery Charger – Boat RV Gate Off-Grid

PLEASE NOTE — Included with your purchase is one WindyNation 30 Watt solar panel. It is recommened that a charge controller is used when charging a 12 volt battery with a 30 Watt solar panel. A charge controller and cable to connect the solar panel to the charge controller are NOT included with your purchase. We do sell a Complete 30W Solar Panel kit on Amazon that includes all these items — The Windy Nation 30 Watt Solar Panel allows you to start producing free, clean power from the sun! Perfect for keeping 12 volt batteries charged on RV’s, boats, ATV’s, cabins and any other situation where you need to keep a 12 volt battery charged up and ready for use!
All of WindyNation’s solar panels come with a standard five year warranty on parts on labor. Additionally, WindyNation’s solar panels carry a 25 year power warranty which guarantees the solar panel will produce 80% of its rated power output after 25 years. SEE PHOTO GALLERY FOR TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS AND DIMENSIONAL DRAWING.


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