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XCSOURCE® Intelligent 30A PWM Solar Panel Charge Controller 12V24V Battery Regulator LD296

Intelligent control is realized by using microprocessor and dedicated control calculation¡£
Five load working modes: pure lighting control, lighting control & timing control, hand operation and debug mode.
Using large-diameter wire terminal, can fix the wire which max size is 6mm
Parameter is set to power-down save function, the system model and control parameters, and other important data are stored inside the chip, after power is not lost, to make the adjustment more convenient, more reliable system.
Using 2 digital LEDs display and settings, one-button operation to complete all of the settings, intuitive and easy to use.


Rated charge current: 30A
Rated load current: 30A
Work voltage: 12V/24V AUTO
No load losses current: 5mA-20mA (only when digital LEDs being lighted)
Charging circuit voltage drop: ≤0.26V
Load circuit voltage drop: ≤0.15V
Over voltage protection: 14.8V; x2/24V
Boost charge voltage: 14.6V; x2/24V
Direct charge voltage: 14.4V; x2/24V
Float charge voltage: 13.6V; x2/24V
Charge recover voltage: 13.2V; x2/24V
Over discharge recover voltage: 12.6V; x2/24V
Lower voltage indication: 12.0V; x2/24V
Over discharge voltage: 11.1V; x2/24V (no load) real-time modified voltage by the discharge rate
Temperature compensation: -4.0 MV/℃ 2V (boost voltage direct charge, float charge and charge return voltage compensation)
Control method: PWM pulse-duration modulation charge mode
Working temperature: industry stage: -35℃~+55℃
Color: black


Let the little children away from the storage battery and the controller

Package Includes:

1*Digital PWM 30A Solar Charge Controller
1*User Manual


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