Price : $15.99
Brand : Y&H

Y&H Dual USB PWM Solar Charge Controller 40A 12V/24V Auto Adjustable Parameter LCD Display Solar Panel Controller Regulator with Load Timer Setting ON/Off Hours

Y&H Solar Charge Controller It can recongize 12V and 24V Lead acid ,Gel battery automatically.Suitable for home Photovoltaic system, farm solar power system, solar street light, outdoor camping solar system, ship solar system

System Voltage: 12V 24V Auto
Charge current: 40A
Max input voltage: 24V(12V system); 48V(24V system)
Max input power: 520W(12V system); 1040W(24V system)
USB output: Dual USB output, 5V/3A
Batteries:Only fit for OPEN, AGM, GEL
Self-consume: <10mA
Temperature: -35℃~+60℃
Size/Weight: 193mm*51mm*98mm/390g
Float charge: 13.7V(defaul, adjustable)
Discharge reconnect voltage: 12.6V(defaul, adjustable)
Discharge stop voltage: 10.7(defaul, adjustable)
Turn ON/OFF light voltage: Solar pannel 8V.

How to install the Solar Charger?

1:Screw the adjustment screw counter clockwise until the plates moves down.
2:Please peel off the coating of the cable tip by about 8 to 10 mm, then insert the wire into the new opening between the plate and the “top” of the Terminal hole, not under it.
3:Screw the adjuster clockwise and the plate will move upwards thereby squishing the wire in the Terminal hole, Make sure all connections are tight.

Where can the inverter be connected?

If an inverter is to be connected to the system, connect the inverter directly to the battery, not to the load side of the controller.

NOTE :Please Make sure your battery has enough voltage before first installation.(at least 60%)

Package Includes:

1X Solar Charge Controller 40A
1 x User Manual (English)


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