Brand : ZJchao

ZJchao(TM) 8.8-15V DC Hydroelectric power Micro-hydro generator Portable water charger

1.Unique hydropower separation technology,
the unique dual clutch, magnetic circuit coupling volume is only about 4/5 of the normal micro hydroelectric generator, the output power to ordinary hydroelectric generator 2-3 times.
2.High efficiency, long life of waterway design and low flow loss, low water pressure (0.5 KG), load short circuiting, also can start smoothly.

1.Water inlet/outlet: 1/2″
2.Output Voltage: DC9.8~18.5V/no-load,
3.DC8.8 ~ 15V/0.1K load Max power : 3.5W
4.Output Current: 128 to 260 MA/0.1 K load
5.Water Pressure: 0.08 ~ 0.45MP
6.Maximum Water Pressure: 0.55MP
7.Maximum Pressure: 1.6MP
8.Traffic Loss: 3.6% (at 0.25MP)
9.Working Temperature Range: 5°C ~ 85°C
10.Dimensions: ¢85.4 × 42.5 × 81.4mm
11.Detection Output: open

Package included:
1 * Hydroelectric power Micro-hydro generator


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